Chris Geary
Chris Geary has been creative Director of since 2009. He attended the London Cartoon Centre, mainly under the tutelage of David Lloyd. In the years leading up to founding, Chris Geary has had a variety of strips in FutureQuake, OmniVistaScope and Zarjaz. Recently Chris has been working with Olav Maassen and Chris Matts, from HtB Publishing, to produce 'Commitment' a graphic Business Novel that was published in May 2013. For a selection of Chris' work, including the strips from the above publications, and more information on Commitment, please click on the link below. Chris can also be found on Facebook, and followed using the Twitter feed to the side. In February 2013 International Aces was launched at the London Super Comic Convention, and is currently being promoted throughout the year at various flying shows across the country. See the News and Events page for more details. More recently Chris' has contributed stories which have been published in Aces Weekly, David Lloyd's new digital Anthology series.


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