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Birthday Cake 19 July 2013 → one hundred years ago, it was Little's 18th birthday! He was a travelling salesman, working for his father...

#FWW100 Timeline

Little was Australia's greatest flying ace in the First World War. Calm, passionate about aviation, he paid for his own flying lessons before joining the Royal Naval Air Service...

What made him tick? Let's keep an eye on his timeline as it unfolds:~

  • Richard Little was born on 19 July 1895 near Melbourne, Australia.
  • In 1913 Little was 18 years old. Like many young people, he was fascinated by flying, but his daily reality was working for his father, travelling around the country, selling books, a job which took him to new places and still held a novelty to him.

  • Logo P.S. Little's fascinating, true story is brought to life in Volume 4 of International Aces!
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