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Birthday Cake 6 July 2013 → one hundred years ago, it was Coppens's 21st birthday! He was a conscript serving with the Belgium Premiere Regiment Grenadiers...

#FWW100 Timeline

Coppens was Beligums's greatest flying ace in the First World War. Forthright, brave and practical, he became a specialist 'Baloon Buster'...

What made him tick? Let's keep an eye on his timeline as it unfolds:~

  • Willy Coppens was born on 6 July 1892 near Brussels, Belgium.
  • In 1913 Coppens was 21 years old. He had been a conscript soldier for nearly 2 years and life alternated between extreme boredom, extreme regimented discipline and rumours of far-flung conflicts that were not likely to bring any danger to Europe!

  • Logo P.S. Coppens's fascinating, true story is brought to life in Volume 2 of International Aces!
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    Selected References

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  • The Aerodrome, one of the original First World War aviation history websites
  • Flying in Flanders - Air Combat by Willy Coppens
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