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Birthday Cake 9 May 2013 → one hundred years ago, it was Baracca's 25th birthday! He was a man of many loves, and his latest love was flying...

#FWW100 Timeline

Baracca was Italy's greatest flying ace in the First World War. A wealthy nobleman, he was flamboyant, loving the good life and excelling at everything he put his mind to...

What made him tick? Let's keep an eye on his timeline as it unfolds:~

  • Francesco Baracca was born on 9 May 1888 in Lugo, Northern Italy.
  • In 1913 Baracca was 25 years old. He was a man of the world, privately schooled, serving in an elite cavalry regiment. His latest hobby was learning to fly. Little did he know how soon his life would change!

  • Logo P.S. Baracca's fascinating, true story is brought to life in Volume 2 of International Aces!
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    Selected References

  • International Aces - Volume 2, Graphic Novel written and illustrated by Chris Geary, first edition published by
  • The Aerodrome, one of the original First World War aviation history websites
  • Baracca and Ferrari - what's the connection?!
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