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Every day, for the next few years, we will ask ourselves the question:

#FWW100 - What happened 100 years ago?

 → Why 'FWW'? Well, the First World War (FWW) was a period of destruction and innovation. It sowed the seeds of our current, modern day culture.
 → Why '100'? The First World War took place exactly 100 years ago.
 → Why is it important? There are important lessons we need to learn. All across the world, we need to remember our shared history...

  • Join us in building a better understanding of the people involved in this critical period of world history.
  • For example... Exactly 100 years ago, Fonck (one of our International Aces) was a cheeky, young lad, turning 19 years old!
  • How does it feel to be 19? Use your imagination. Put yourself in his shoes. Suddenly something that happened 100 years ago is no longer a boring fact.

  • FWW100 Key  Today, one hundred years ago...
    1 July 2013  Bleriot had his 41st birthday on 1 July 1913.

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    Meet Bleriot!
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    Meet the International Aces!

    'International Aces' brings to life the true stories of 14 of the best First World War fighter pilots.

    RAFBF Logo Please note, with your help, is delighted to support the RAF Benevolent Fund which started in 1919. To this day, this worthy charity provides a complete spectrum of support for all members of the extended Royal Air Force family - past, present and future.
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